Friday, August 28, 2009

Costco, Company and New Computer

I was going to make a "quick" run to Costco with Debbie this morning, but she wasn't feeling well and I dinked around for a couple of hours deciding if I wanted to go by myself. Then I found out that Sara and Cameron (my lovely eldest daughter and grand-daughter) were coming this evening rather than tomorrow as I expected. So I threw a pork loin in the crock pot with onions, green chilies and a few spices and headed out. Of course a Costco trip is NEVER quick and I ended up buying a dock for my IPhone that I have been thinking about. When I got back to town I stopped and picked up my new desktop computer that a Jim Gray at Team Electronics built for me. I'm looking forward to getting it set up. He had the coolest thing in his shop--a computer built inside one of those red tool boxes--not the really huge ones, but the kind that you can carry around. He built it for a guy who has a red tool box in his business logo. Pretty cool. He was talking about building computers in other unique boxes like one of those old floor standing wooden radios. It seems that we have integrated computers in our lives to such an extent that customizing them in this way to fit our interests and lifestyles makes a lot of sense.
Sara and Cameron will be here soon, so I think it will be tomorrow before I set the computer up. I'm going to toast some Ciabatta rolls to serve the pork on and cook some corn on the cob. Yum.

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