Monday, September 28, 2009


A good day, in my book, is any day that I get to have sushi, and today was one of those days. We drove to Vancouver late this afternoon to drop some things off with our accountant and to purchase a kitty carrier at PetSmart. Before we left, I looked for a couple of the restaurants on Yelp that I have been wanting to try. One of them was a "conveyor belt" style sushi place in Hazel Dell called Sushi Tsunami. The reviews were good and it turned out that it was right on our way. The sushi gods were smiling upon me. My dear husband, though, is not such a fan of sushi as I. He goes along because he sees how much I really love it--thank you, honey! The concept behind the conveyor belt sushi restaurant is that instead of a sushi chef who makes your sushi to order, a wide variety of sushi rolls around the room and each person is free to pluck what they want from the belt. Each plate is a different color and each color is a different price. Dwain ordered a bento dinner that had a salad, veggie tempura, teriyaki chicken & rice, and two pieces of what looked like California roll. We shared a plate of edamame and some sort of tempura appetizer that was very light & tasty. Then I rolled my sleeves up and got busy choosing: I had tuna, shrimp, octopus and yellowtail, and they were all very, very good. Curiously, at both of the conveyor belt sushi places I've visited I was surprised to see plates of sesame balls, which I thought were a Chinese dish and had previously had only at dim sum restaurants. Sushi and sesame balls at the same meal! How did I get this lucky? Oh, and Dwain's favorite part of the meal? Our whole meal was around $30, beverages and tip included. I'll be going back to Sushi Tsunami, and if you want to go, you'll find it at 7415 NE Highway 99, Vancouver, WA.

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